When the Smoke Clears

It’s heartbreaking to read the stories about the fires in California. The whole town of Paradise gone. People that have lost everything and feeling blessed to be alive. We’re waiting for news about my sister-in-law and her family. They are safe in Chico but we have yet to learn if their house in Magalia survives. In the meantime I’m reading posts of Facebook from friends and associates that are sharing heartbreaking stories.

Smoky Sky with Sunflower and Sun
Smoke filled Sky with Sunflower and Sun

Here in Albany, about 200 miles south of the fire the sky is dark and smoky. People are staying indoors and avoiding activities that expose them to the smoke.

It causes me to reflect on the fires we’ve had recently. I can name too many people that have lost homes to fires. And even with my own business ventures I can feel the impact. Since October of 2017 I’ve had more photo shoots postponed  or cancelled due to smoke and fire than for weather. Three shoots in October 2017 were cancelled, two of those projects burned to the ground. And Friday a shoot was postponed due to smoke.  Insignificant compared to what people are going through with the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire.

I do have one client, EcoSteel Building Systems that is marketing fire resistant homes. Not that that’s any consolation. Little help to rebuild entire communities.

I’m at a loss for  an appropriate response. My heart goes out to those affected by the fires.

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