Building the Pygmy Ronan

After paddling a Pygmy Coho for close to 20 years I decided I wanted a boat that was a little more playful on the water. The Pygmy Ronan caught my attention and after paddling one at the Pygmy facility in Port Townsend Washington, I decided this would be my next boat. This boat is intended to serve two purposes, when I’m paddling with my wife it will be her boat, and when I’m paddling with others, it will be my boat. I started building in May of 2017 and during the course of the build I kept several time lapse cameras going to document the process. I launched the boat in October. Over the course of the build I accumulated over 40 hours of time lapse video, so it’s taken me some time to edit it down to two minutes.  The boat took about 75 hours to assemble, working in chunks of time from an hour or so up to three hours.

I’m happy to say the boat performs beyond my expectations. Light weight and easy to get on an off my the top of my pop-up camper,  playful on the water and easier to manage in rough water than the 17 foot Coho.

Author: treve

When I'm not creating architectural photos for clients (see my primary website at, I like to travel, hike, kayak and enjoy other artistic and cultural pursuits. I'm also concerned about environmental and social issues and issues of faith.

3 thoughts on “Building the Pygmy Ronan”

  1. Treve- What a great video! I love the part in the video where your wife (I am guessing) is showing you directions sheet. That is usually my job too. Looks like a wonderful boat. I know the whole process looks easy in the two minute video, but it is a very long process to build your own wood boat of any sort. I appaude your patience.

    1. Thanks – Actually, that’s my wife consulting on some family finances. She also appears in part of the video refinishing a chair in the background. By the way… lovely canoe you have posted on your blog.

      1. Thanks. We call her Cedar. She is a cedar strip and although we didn’t build her someone did and we appreciate all the work that went into that process.

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