Where’s Treve 2022 In Print

My blog entries for the year 2022 are now in print. Much of the credit goes to my wife Joann. She’s become quite a book designer. We now have a stack of coffee table books that cover all the blog posts I’ve created since I started in 2015.

Initially we used the brute force method of recreating the posts in Adobe InDesign and then publishing the results using Blurb. This is quite time consuming.

In March of 2022, after publishing the collection for 2021 we thought we’d look for a more efficient method of publishing. We explored a variety of services that promised to turn a blog into a book. We selected two services PixxiBook and Blog2Print and sent our samples off for printing. In both cases the results were quite nice. We liked the layout of Blog2Print. We’ve also used Blub, Shutterfly and MixBook for creating books, all with favorable results. For the blog, though, we wanted a service that would automatically import the content, allow for some editing, and produce coffee table book.

When it came time to publish, we discovered that our chosen service Blog2Print was no longer compatible with WordPress. They responded to my inquiry with “…we are unable to pinpoint the issue caused when attempting to generate a book from your blog.” Lame!

Back to the drawing board to see what other services were available. We settled on Intorealpages.com. Their editing tools gave us quite a bit of flexibility. If you are planning on converting a blog to print you may want to consider how the service handles photos, hyperlinks and embedded content such as Youtube videos. We did some editing to adjust the placement of photos and to make sure that the content would make sense on a page in a book.

We ordered the book on January 9, and it arrived on January 26, being printed and shipped from the Netherlands. Hard cover, 112 pages covering 42 posts. We are quite pleased with the result.

Author: treve

When I'm not creating architectural photos for clients (see my primary website at www.treve.com), I like to travel, hike, kayak and enjoy other artistic and cultural pursuits. I'm also concerned about environmental and social issues and issues of faith.

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