En-route to Spain

May 27, 2019 2:20 pm. We are packed and ready to begin our trip to Spain. At 3:45 our neighbor Kathryn knocks on the door to give us a ride to BART. A great way to start a trip. We try to pack lightly since we like to  use public transit when we can. We each had one piece of baggage to check and a day pack with things to have on the plane. Our flight was delayed an hour, so it was just after 9 pm when we boarded the plane. Norwegian Air flight 7076 non-stop to Barcelona.

Once on the plane I discovered that I had not packed my earbuds, so I purchased a set on the plane for $3. I thought I’d watch a movie, but the sound quality was so poor with the cheap earphones and then one of the ear pieces stopped working. I decided I’d try sleep. After a light meal of chicken and mashed potatoes I inflated my neck pillow and did my best to get comfortable. As fitful and uncomfortable as it was I felt rested when I woke up for breakfast an hour before our arrival. Ham and cheese sandwiches.

It was 5 pm we landed in Barcelona 11 hours after takeoff. We collected our bags, and found the Aerobus to take us downtown to Placa Catalunya. From there it was a short walk to Hostal Grau.

One of my top priorities was to find a hat in Barcelona to replace my tried and trusted canvas hat which while quite versatile lacks a certain panache. You’ll notice my mission was accomplished with the photo of me on the hotel balcony.

Author: treve

When I'm not creating architectural photos for clients (see my primary website at www.treve.com), I like to travel, hike, kayak and enjoy other artistic and cultural pursuits. I'm also concerned about environmental and social issues and issues of faith.

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