Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

Our quest for dog friendly hikes took us to the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline today. A 20 minute drive from our house. We were surprised to find that we had the trails more or less to ourselves. Some of the trails were a bit steep and showing signs of erosion. On our 90 minute walk we saw a dozen or so hikers and it seems we were the only dog walkers. Dogs can be off leash as long as you are in undeveloped areas, which is what we were looking for. Our dog Carson had great fun running off leash. He managed to catch a squirrel by the tail. Fortunately the squirrel got away without much effort. The park has shoreline and a beach where I’ve launched my kayak. You can also take a short hike to a ridge with spectacular panoramic views of the bay area, taking in Marin, San Francisco and the East Bay.

Author: treve

When I'm not creating architectural photos for clients (see my primary website at, I like to travel, hike, kayak and enjoy other artistic and cultural pursuits. I'm also concerned about environmental and social issues and issues of faith.

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